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Text Box: Case Study — Alternate Technology Roadmap Development
 Development of Alternate Path for “Touch” UI Solutions 
An industry leading company has been locked into a particular supplier for years at very high premiums due to intellectual property rights for feature sets needed on the company’s high end products. The client desired to develop an alternate low cost solution that would be transparent to the marketplace but allow pricing leverage with existing supplier.
Issues: 20% premiums over tradition cost models, lack of internal understanding of “touch” solutions, incumbent supplier assumed to be only available solution, incumbent supplier has very strong Intellectual property protection, existing price structure prevented penetration into core brands
Actions Taken:  Competitive industry analysis, Supplier business / quality audits, Competitive schematic costing analysis,  System architecture redesign,  incumbent supplier and new supplier negotiations, extensive patent and IP assessments
Results: Introduced new supplier that allowed for 50% savings over existing solutions, Developed internal knowledge of how to apply “touch” solutions to existing PCBA’s, Established leading edge feature sets beyond those available from incumbent supplier that are now being looked at for core line products, facilitated quicker migration from traditional electromechanical UI solutions
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