At KISMET SSP we understand the complexities of the electronics industry. As a result we have developed and employ a variety of innovative and unique strategies that not only yield immediate results but also achieve long term sustainable advantages.


 Due to its long lead component delivery times, highly volatile pricing, various worldwide production location choices, vast distribution and supply networks, and inherent quality risks choosing and managing the correct sourcing strategy can be challenging even for some of the largest companies.  Navigating the electronics  landscape is different from traditional techniques used in a mechanical world.  Selecting a successful sourcing strategy is essential in order to achieve the right price in the right location with the right reliability and quality levels and at the right time.


 Our strategies are focused on the  optimization of your unique requirements that help take advantage of our knowledge base and purchasing power.  We only place business with collaborative suppliers that recognize being strategic means protecting and growing each other interests.  KISMET SSP will help be your voice in a supplier dominated industry.

Strategic Sourcing


We give customers a strong position in a supplier dominated industry

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KISMET SSP Guiding Principles

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