Text Box: Case Study — Sourcing Strategy Deployment
Development of a Global Display Sourcing Strategy 
With the migration from mechanical user interface systems to highly electronics feedback systems utilizing more LEDs, Displays, and  “touch” solutions, a leading fortune 100 company found itself in need of a lighting and display sourcing strategy that could optimize the existing spend and provide a supply base for future technologies.
Issues: Rapidly changing technology roadmap, little to no specifications, decentralized design strategy and sourcing ownership, lack of industry knowledge, expansive supply base, no existing process structure for UI technologies
Actions Taken:  Competitive industry analysis, Supplier business / quality audits, technology assessments, price equalization, volume aggregation, design optimization, innovation roadmap reviews,  Created structured sourcing process that bundled total global usage and spend
Results:  $12 Million in immediate annualized benefits with another.  $17Million identified for year 2 representing a 30% reduction in the overall cost structure for User Interfaces. Total 5 year benefit expected to exceed $100M. Other benefits included reliable supply chain, partnerships with industry leading suppliers and reduced lead times.


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