Are you sourcing from the Right location (i.e. low cost countries), at the Right Quality Levels, at the right price?† Are there specific Electronics Strategic Sourcing initiatives that you donít have the Talent or Time to implement? Have you encountered specific issues related to Design, Sourcing, or the Manufacturing of your PCBA needs?† 80% of the top companies outsource some portion of their Electronics organization for immediate benefit. Our Interim Management service can be the bridge between where you are today vs. where you want to be in the future.† Kismetís Interim Management Solutions are a faster way to optimization.†


Key services include the following:

 Change Management

 Supply Chain Optimization (Total Acquisition Costing models)

 Short-term Value creation (Market value economics vs. your current PCBA cost)

 Contract negotiations

 Subject matter experts


Fees for Interim Management are covered as a percentage of savings to your bottom line.

Interim Management

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