The explosion of electronics in the US combined with a significant drop in Electrical Engineers is leading to a shortage of qualified electronics sourcing professionals.  To be successful in Electronics Sourcing, you need a perfect blend of Electronics Technology knowledge mixed with the business savvy of a procurement professional.  With the demand and pay on the rise for those who create designs for the plethora of electronic technology needs, several companies struggle to find the right mix of talent to drive their strategies.   The founding partners at KISMET SSP have over 45 years of combined electronics experience.  Each has an EE degree, MBAs, and all have Six Sigma experience. 

Talent on Demand

Guaranteed Results

Through the KISMET SSP Advantage, we are completely confident in our ability to improve the performance of your supply chain.  Our beneficiaries have enjoyed clearly defined sourcing strategies with appropriately segmented commodities & suppliers leading to over $100M in productivity (across an average of $400M annual spend).  These successes in the industry are the foundation of our Pricing Guarantee.  At KISMET SSP, we guarantee that your PCBAs will always be more competitive versus any other management team in the industry. We only want your business if we can achieve a total cost of acquisition (including our fees) that is lower than what you can achieve on your own.

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We give customers a strong position in a supplier dominated industry