The Electronics Industry can be broken into 2 categories. 

1) Supply Representatives - (i.e. Manufacturer’s Reps, Distributors, ECMs/ODMs, Consultants, as well as component suppliers) derive their benefit by optimizing around their core competencies and “pushing” their offerings onto customers.

2) Demand Representatives – (i.e. PCBA Consumers or Customers and Consultants) derive their benefit by optimizing around their individual roadmaps and attempt to “pull” solutions from Supply Representatives. 

At KISMET SSP, we are Demand Representatives helping our customers optimize their Electronics Sourcing needs. We partner our clients with the right suppliers, at the right quality level and from the right locations. As a client of KISMET SSP you can be sure that our allegiance is completely focused on your needs with no obligation to the network of supply representatives that we work with.  Our commitment is to ensure that we can get you a better sourcing solution than what you can achieve on your own.

Customer Always First


We give customers a strong position in a supplier dominated industry

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